economic, Two of the biggest news sites are out for the season

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Here are some of our favorite stories from 2017, as well as some new stories from this year.


A little girl with autism has been diagnosed with autism by a doctor who said she was “very excited” about her diagnosis.

The story is about one child who got her diagnosis by a friend and a family member.


Three-year-old who was diagnosed with ADHD was given a new home by his grandmother. 


The family of a 12-year old boy with autism and autism spectrum disorder is asking for help to pay for an airfare to visit him at a park.


Two-year child with autism was adopted from a shelter. 


An elderly couple in Colorado has been living together for 25 years, and have two children. 


Six-year girl with multiple sclerosis was diagnosed at her doctor’s office in Minnesota, and is undergoing treatment at home.


Eight-year and 13-year dogs are being used for research. 


Five-year olds with epilepsy have been given the opportunity to take part in an experiment at a special preschool.


Four-year dog with autism is now getting a haircut. 


And finally, the new season of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is airing in the United States and Canada. 

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