How to be a successful journalist in Louisville, Kentucky

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to be successful as a local news reporter in Louisville and beyond, this guide is for you.

It’s based on the insights we gained from doing our own research, interviewing hundreds of local journalists, and watching local news.

It also takes us through a whole lot of new territory to explore in our new series, How to Write for the Cities.

You can download the full guide to Louisville’s media landscape here. 


Louisville, KY The Louisville Courier-Journal, published daily since 1920. 


Washington, DC The Washington Post, owned by the New York Times Company. 


Philadelphia The Philadelphia Inquirer, the largest weekly newspaper in the U.S. 4.

Philadelphia, PA The Philadelphia Inquireer, founded by the newspaper publisher Charles Scribner in 1881. 

5. Cleveland The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The most popular daily paper in Cleveland, Ohio 6. Milwaukee The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, owner of the Milwaukee County News Journal. 7.

Denver The Denver Post, The Denver Post is owned by the National Press Club. 


Indianapolis The Indianapolis Star, a national daily newspaper, owned by the National Association of Broadcasters. 


Philadelphia/Baltimore The Baltimore Sun, which covers both cities and many smaller towns in the area. 


Atlanta The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta’s biggest daily newspaper. 


Washington DC Washington Post,  owned by the Washington Times Company, a newspaper company founded by George F. Kennan. 


New York City The New York Daily News, Washington, DC’s largest newspaper, the New York Times Company, is owned by a group of newspapers including the Boston Globe, CNN, Fox News, and NBC (and is owned and operated by Comcast). 


Denver/Portland, OR The Portland Press Herald, also owned by Comcast (it’s owned  by Comcast), is the largest daily newspaper in Colorado, and it covers Portland, Oregon. 


Atlanta/Seattle The Seattle Times, Owned by Seattle Times Company and is the largest newspaper in Seattle, as well as covering Seattle and surrounding areas. 15.

Miami The Miami Herald, The Miami-Dade County Herald is the city’s largest newspaper and the largest in Miami. 


Atlanta, GA The Atlanta Journal-Chronicle is owned mostly by Atlanta-based Herald Companies, so it covers a wide range of topics. 

17. Baltimore TheBaltimore Sun, Baltimore’s largest daily paper, covering Baltimore and surrounding areas, including Washington and the Capital Beltway (also known as CBD) (formerly Columbia and Washington Counties). 


New Orleans The Times-Picayune is  a newspaper owned by an organization called the Association of Newspaper Publishers of New Orleans, where it covers New Orleans and surrounding parts of the city. 


Seattle TheSeattle Times, This is a newspaper owned and operated mostly by the Seattle Times Company and covers Seattle and the surrounding areas as well as other parts of the world. 


Chicago The Chicago Tribune, formerly The News-Gazette is a newspaper and newspaper publishing company owned primarily by the Chicago Tribune Company.


Pittsburgh The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, This is a print and online publication owned by Tribune Media Group, and covers Pittsburgh and surrounding parts of Pennsylvania. 


Los Angeles Los Angeles Times, the Times-Examiner is an online publication, and it covers Los Angeles and the US Pacific and US West Coast. 


Boston The Boston Globe is  owned and operated by Boston Globe Co., a Boston-based newspaper publisher, and its largest newspaper is the Boston Sun, one of the biggest daily newspapers in Boston. 

24. Charlotte The Charlotte Observer is published by a local paper called Charlotte Observer, but it also has a website and podcasts. 


New Jersey The Jersey Times, which is run by the state of New Jersey, runs the New Jersey Star-Ledger, which is published by New Jersey’s Star Press, part of the Atlantic Media Group. 


Cincinnati The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Cincinnati Enire is part of The Enquires new digital network and was published by Enquirers journal