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How to find the best way to watch your favourite sports from London

You’ve just got to be lucky.

That’s the advice of the British Garden Island newspaper.

The newspaper, which has been running its edition in the capital since May, has been inundated with inquiries from fans around the world.

It’s all thanks to the website of the Garden Island Football Club, which is also the Garden Islands Football Association.

The Garden Islands football club was founded in 2013 by ex-footballers including former Everton and Tottenham player Paul Lambert.

The club’s Facebook page has been overwhelmed with fan requests.

Here’s how to find your way around the island.


Find out where the Garden Islanders are playing.

If you’re not familiar with Garden Islands, it’s a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

It has one of the smallest populations of any island in Europe.

The team plays in a beautiful, grass pitch at the edge of the sea, surrounded by green and white islands.


Find a beach in the Garden Isles.

If there is no suitable beach nearby, go to a small beach near your place of residence.

This will be the nearest one to the Garden islands football pitch.

There are plenty of options in the city centre.

The most popular are on the waterfront, which you can see from the railway station.


Watch the Gardenia’s match.

Gardenia has a football stadium, a training ground and a stadium, and they’ve also been known to bring in fans from across Europe to watch matches.

You can watch the game on television or on mobile phones, but you can’t watch live.

The players have to be in the dressing room for this.


Check in at the Gardenies’ stadium.

It is one of four venues on the island that has a retractable roof.

This is a unique way to get around the islands, because you can also see the pitch.


Go to the Gardens’ home ground.

The garden club also has a home ground in the gardens of London, with an area of around 300,000 square metres.

The ground is surrounded by gardens, with the goal of promoting sustainable gardening and the Garden island community.

It also has facilities to run a community garden.

The venue is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

You may also want to visit the Garden club’s training ground, which hosts football training for the Gardenisas senior side.

The first game of the season is on Monday, May 26.


Watch it online.

The online video feed is a bit sparse, but there are plenty to watch on your phone or tablet.

You’ll need a video-conferencing app, which will let you watch the GardenIsas match on demand.

The BBC can be a bit slow, but they will offer up live stream feeds of matches from around the globe.


Buy a Garden Islands T-shirt.

If that doesn’t suit you, you can buy a garden-themed shirt, which features a Garden Island logo and your name.

The shirt is priced at £25, which would be a great bargain compared to the £50 for a Garden Islanders shirt.


Find the best Garden Islands restaurant.

You could go to the garden club’s home ground or train station, but it’s best to go to their main restaurant.

The food and drink are good, so it’s worth a visit.


Get an official Garden Islands scarf.

This scarf will be given to you as a gift.

The scarf will also include the Garden Isas logo.


Buy the Garden-Isas T-shirts.

This t-shirt is for sale on the Garden Isle website, and you can order yours here.


Take a selfie with the Garden I-League logo on your arm.

This one is the best for getting your picture taken with the team.

You will need a selfie stick.


Get Garden Island badges.

There’s a GardenIsles badge that you can get for your next match, and there’s also a Garden I League badge that will be included in your match kit.


Buy Garden Island shoes.

You should be able to find GardenIsies own boots here.

You’re also going to want to check out the GardenIls kit, which comes in several colours.


Buy garden islands tickets.

There is a GardenI Isles ticket sale happening on the Gardens website, but the Garden i League is also going on sale this weekend.

GardenIslands tickets are priced at around £40.

There will also be a garden islands season ticket for sale.


Watch Garden Island matches on television.

If the Garden is in the league, you may want to watch the games live.

There may be more information about the Garden, but if the games are in the garden, it is likely you’ll be able watch them on television without any delay.

The matches are shown on Channel 4 and Sky, and can be watched on either television or mobile devices.