Spanish newspaper ‘La Times’ publishes ‘fake news’

The ‘La Time’ newspaper in Madrid has published a “fake news” article claiming that the country’s prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, has been kidnapped and the country is in danger. 

In the article titled “Mariano Rajo’s arrest” (the title of the article was changed to make it clear that the article is not in Spanish), the paper says that the Catalan government is “firing on all cylinders” and is “sabotaging” the country. 

The newspaper says that “The Catalan government” is trying to “dramatically escalate tensions” and “in turn, lead the country to a civil war.” 

The article also claims that the Prime Minister has been threatened by “members of the National Front,” a far-right party that is currently in power in Spain. 

Rajoy has called the article a “joke” and said that the “situation is calm.” 

However, Spanish Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz told ABC News that Rajoy has been arrested for “criminal conspiracy” and that “no charges will be brought against the Prime Minster.” 

Rojoy is currently on holiday. 

ABC News’ Emily Schaffer contributed to this report.