When the Cowboys beat the Patriots, the fans are getting more pissed

A new story out of Oklahoma tells us how angry fans of the Cowboys and Patriots are.

The Cowboys and Pats have had a great year and are set to face each other in the AFC Championship game this Sunday.

It’s the first meeting between the teams since the 1998 season.

It was one of the best games the two teams have played in a long time, and many Cowboys fans believe that the fans deserve a little more respect.

The new story, by Oklahoma newspaper The Lad, says the Cowboys fans had it coming, and that’s why the fans got mad.

The story goes that the Cowboys won the game, but the Patriots took a 24-17 lead into the fourth quarter, with the Patriots scoring 21 points in the final 3 minutes to pull away from the Cowboys.

The story goes on to say that the Dallas fans were pissed because the Patriots were able to score more points than they did, and they felt the same way about the Patriots winning.

The Dallas fans got angry and started booing the Patriots fans and getting into a tussle on the field.

The New England fans got upset that the Patriots had scored more points in less time, which was what was being blamed for the Cowboys’ loss.

The fans booed and cursed the Patriots players and coaches, and were yelling things like “F— you, you f—ing f—.”

The Patriots players were also booing, so the New England players had to leave the field to be escorted out of the stadium by police.

The Cowboys players were reportedly not happy with the situation.

The Patriots fans are angry that the teams have come this far in a season that they haven’t won a Super Bowl in decades.

The players were angry that they couldn’t get in there and kick it out of there, and then the fans started throwing things at the players and the players had no idea what to do.

They went to the refs office, and it’s not clear whether they were fined or not, but they are not going to play in the game again.

The league is investigating the incident, but this is not the first time a game has been postponed because of the Patriots and Cowboys rivalry.

In 1998, the Patriots won 34-0 at Arrowhead Stadium, and the Cowboys had a game at home against the Eagles the following year, so both teams went to a neutral site for the game.

Both teams were able avenge the loss that year, and in 1999, the two played in the Super Bowl.

The NFL has not commented on the issue, but it is possible that the league could impose fines for the Patriots to have the game postponed.

If they were able, the teams could have gone to a new neutral site.

The Patriots have been a big favorite in the playoffs the past few years, and their fans have always been very vocal in their dislike of the NFL.

The team won Super Bowl XLVIII in 2010 and 2011, and has been one of New England’s favorite teams the past three seasons.

The teams have been the subject of criticism in recent years for how the league has handled the controversy surrounding Ray Rice’s domestic violence allegations, but that didn’t stop the Patriots from winning a Super Sunday in 2011.