Which candidate is best positioned to win North Carolina’s primary?

North Carolina Republicans are running out of time to stop Donald Trump, who is leading in the polls in the state, according to polls.

The Republican primary is expected to be held June 20.

North Carolina GOP chairman Joe McDaniel said Tuesday that he expects Trump to win the state by “over a 2-to-1 margin.”

McDaniel noted that the state’s GOP leaders have tried to work with Trump, but the billionaire’s campaign has made it clear it will not cooperate with the party’s platform, which the party says is more conservative than the platform of the Republican National Committee.

McDaniel pointed to the state party’s failure to embrace the party platform, including its support for gay marriage, as one of the reasons Trump’s candidacy is not viable.

Trump’s team released a new attack ad on Tuesday, which said the Republican Party’s platform is “dangerous” and is “a disaster.”

It also called on Trump to release his tax returns.

But North Carolina voters are already aware of Trump’s past business dealings.

In 2006, he filed for bankruptcy protection and then was forced to sell the property he was building on the beachfront.

Trump has been in the spotlight recently for a series of controversial remarks, including that a protester who was carrying a sign that read “Donald Trump 2016” should be beaten and thrown to the ground.

The Trump campaign has denied those claims, and the North Carolina Republican Party has also said it will fight the lawsuit.

The North Carolina primary will be held on June 20 and runoff voting begins May 19.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.