‘Baba’s’ wife dies in prison in India

An elderly man, Baba, who was imprisoned in India, is now dead.

He was 68.

According to news reports, Babu had been sentenced to death in Gujarat in 2010 for murder and attempted murder.

In a letter sent by his son, a relative of Baba’s, to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday, the grandson of a man who was hanged in India said the death sentence against Babu was “a political mistake”.

Baba was a respected and well-respected man, who had never been put to death, the letter said.

“He was a very important figure in our family, and his son was an important person,” said Babu’s son Shilpa.

India has sentenced hundreds of people to death for crimes they did not commit, including some who were convicted of drug smuggling and money laundering.

The death penalty is one of the most severe punishments imposed by the Indian government.

Indian law allows the death penalty for “unlawful acts”.

Babu was among the hundreds of Indian prisoners held by the Taliban and other armed groups.