How the New Zealand Herald has transformed the daily newsstands of newspapers in India

Newsstands like News Limited and The National are now the biggest in the country, and newsagents like Bollywood and News Corp are expanding to compete with them.

But with the country’s print news industry facing a sharp decline, News Limited is aiming to compete in the online space too, with a new site that aims to help Indian consumers discover and consume news.

News Limited has partnered with Times Group and India Digital Media, the Indian digital content and media company behind India’s largest newspaper.

News Ltd has also launched its own mobile app, Newsline, which is the first of its kind to cater to Indian audiences.

Newsline offers a variety of news and entertainment apps, which include sports, business and business-related news.

“Newsline is a real-time news app for Indian audiences,” says Muthumant Nair, News Ltd’s head of content and news.

The news platform is launching in India in the first quarter of this year, but it has already been downloaded over one billion times and has a loyal following in the nation.

News Line has a focus on news content, as well as news and lifestyle content.

It offers both in-house content and a curated selection of news content from other Indian companies, like Hindustan Times and News Ltd.

NewsLine has a dedicated app for Hindi, which includes the latest news, current events and sport stories, as a means of curating the news for Indian consumers.

The Newsline app is available in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The app has over 30 news content categories, including business, entertainment, sports, food and lifestyle.

“India is a big market, with about 80 per cent of the population consuming news,” Nair says.

“The opportunity for Newsline to offer news to the Indian audience is very attractive.”

The app, which has been in development for several months, has launched in New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

News line is a collaboration between News Limited, Times Group, India Digital Content and News India.

News Unlimited, the company behind Newsline in India, is also involved.

The new app will be available in India by the end of next year.

News Online, the news and culture company owned by News Corp, is the only other company offering the news app.

It launched in India last year.

“In India, the opportunity to offer digital news is something new,” says Shruti Yadav, CEO of News Online.

“With Newsline we see an opportunity to create a global service where Indian consumers can find out the latest from the best Indian news organisations.”

News Unlimited is targeting a range of news consumers, including those who live in urban areas, rural areas, and people who work in the information sector.

“We have a huge potential market for our service and are targeting people across the spectrum,” Yadav says.

NewsLINE, which will offer a selection of the latest Indian news, will also help News Limited reach a broader audience.

“This is a first for Indian news media, especially for a digital news platform,” says Nair.

Newslines aim to provide Indian consumers with a digital, easy to use, and personalized news experience.

“People don’t have to wait for a newspaper to come out in India,” Nain says.