How to make it on in Iran: a guide

Guyana newspaper The Nation says it is proud to announce the publication of the first-ever Iranian-language edition of the popular daily.

The new edition of The Nation, published by the Guyana-based publication, comes as Iran prepares for an election on February 25 that will see the country’s first female president.

Iran has seen a surge in anti-government protests in recent months, with tens of thousands of people demonstrating against the government and its leader, President Hassan Rouhani.

Iran’s election will be the first by a woman since 2005, when then-president Mohammad Khatami was elected to a fifth term.

The Nation has been publishing the Iran-focused paper since 2013.

It said the new edition would feature an updated title, a new cover and a new editor, while also focusing on the daily’s political and social coverage.

“We believe that the new issue of The World, like The Nation’s previous issues, is a timely reminder that Iran remains a democratic country with the potential to become the next Iran,” said Ali Shahakian, editor-in-chief of The Republic of Guyana.

The Republic has been one of the most widely read news websites in Iran, with more than 100 million visitors each month, according to the International Press Institute.

“Guyana is the ideal destination for Iran’s new president,” Mr Shahakyan said.

“The Republic has a unique opportunity to take a leading role in shaping the country in a way that will benefit the Iranian people.”

The Republic said the news website will launch the first edition of its Iran-specific website.

The website will feature daily reports on Iranian politics, economics, education, media, entertainment and culture.

The newspaper has been published in Iran since the 1980s, but it first published in English in the late 1980s.

Mr Shahackian said the newspaper will focus on the countrys political, economic and cultural development.

“Our aim is to be an influential voice in Iran’s transition to democracy,” he said.

The editor of The National newspaper, the country s second-largest paper, said he was “very proud” to launch the Republic of Iran’s first edition.

“It is our duty to serve the Iranian nation,” said Saeed Hameed, the editor-at-large of The Daily Star.

“I look forward to working with our colleagues in Iran to ensure that our voice is heard by the public.”

The first edition will include more than 300 stories on the election and other issues, according the paper.