How to read the headlines of Greek newspapers

The headlines in the Greek newspapers today: the headlines for today: – Greece’s PM to leave office: the latest on the resignation of Alexis Tsipras – Election results: a Greek guide to the vote results – How the Eurozone is doing with Greece’s bailout: why it’s a good deal for Greece and why it may not be a good one for the rest of Europe – Greek PM to resign, EU agrees: the final deal is still on the table – Why Greece needs to keep Greece’s creditors in check: the reasons the EU should remain the “safe harbour” for the eurozone – Will Greece get a second bailout: the deal reached with Athens is unlikely to last forever, but at least the deal is good for Greece – Eurozone to continue with bailout talks: the EU is still negotiating, and this time it is in Brussels – The euro crisis and the future of the EU: the current state of play – Should the EU bail out Greece?

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