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Newspaper’s history of false reports leads to investigation

Police in New York have opened an investigation after an article in the local paper about the murder of a police officer led to a man’s arrest.

Police say the article appeared in the Staten Island Advance, a tabloid owned by the Staten Islanders newspaper, in 2012 and was written by a person who was a member of the newspaper’s staff.

In an investigation that began earlier this year, investigators with the New York State Police and the NYPD Special Victims Unit began searching for the newspaper article’s source.

The article claimed that the body of Officer Charles DiGiacomo was found in a field in Staten Island.

The Advance reported the body was discovered after a woman who was on a bike accident, a police report said.

The Staten Island Times said she had been killed by the man who had claimed DiGibas murder.

DiGiacom’s death sparked outrage, and he was found dead a week later in a wooded area near a Staten Island cemetery.

DiGs death led to months of investigations into the paper and the Staten Islands Times, and ultimately led to the arrests of two men in April.

The two men, Robert “Tony” DiGiovanni and James “Tony Tony” DiBaroni, both of Staten Island, were charged with second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit second-guessing a crime.

In the Staten Times article, a man called the Advance to tell them the murder occurred and asked if he could have it back.

The man was arrested in April and pleaded not guilty to murder.

The man had a history of lying to police and the Advance reported that he had posted on Facebook about a “fake” news story.

The police investigation also led to other articles in the paper, which claimed that police officers had killed people.

The paper also said a man named Anthony DiGiacomo was a victim of police brutality and said he had been beaten and killed in Brooklyn, New York.

The investigation into the Advance article was conducted by the New Jersey State Police Special Investigations Unit.

The Staten Island Daily News and other newspapers in New Jersey did not immediately respond to requests for comment.