Nigeria’s new prime minister seeks ‘humanitarian intervention’

Nigerian Prime Minister Muhammadu Buhari has promised to use the country’s humanitarian resources to help displaced people fleeing Boko Haram.

The move comes as Nigeria’s neighbors, including the United States, have stepped up their aid efforts in the region as the Nigerian military has launched a campaign to crush the insurgents in the remote northeastern state of Borno.

Buharis office has said he will seek to “coordinate” the aid to “save lives.”

Buharis announcement comes as President Trump is set to host his first summit with Nigerian leaders.

Trump will meet with Buharians Nigerian counterpart Muhammadu Bandar, and Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, who is set for a summit with his Nigerian counterpart.

Bishara said he hoped the meeting could “give the world a new perspective on the challenges facing Nigeria.”

Read moreBuhari, a member of the ruling party and former prime minister, also announced a new “government-to-government” agreement with Jonathan, which calls for the creation of a National Commission for Refugees and Immigrants, which would create “a special mechanism for resettling people in Nigeria.”

The commission would be tasked with setting up a “safe zone” in the country and “monitoring the resettlement of refugees in Nigeria,” according to the announcement.

The deal was announced on Tuesday in the state capital, Abuja, with Bishar adding that it was a “historic moment” for Nigeria and that it is “a chance for all Nigerians to show that we are united.”

The Nigerian president is also looking to secure funds to assist in building a border fence along the countrys border with Chad.

Baidu Group is the lead company that will lead the construction of the wall.

It was reportedly funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which is part of the State Department.

Bishar has also announced plans to open the borders of Nigeria to more foreign workers.

“Our people are being displaced from the land of their birth,” Buhar said in a speech to a meeting of the National Assembly.

“It is time to show them the right path to find their new home.

And now, it is time for us to open this new door.

We are ready to work together to welcome the new migrants and help them integrate into our communities.”

Jonathan also announced the creation for the National Disaster Management Authority (NDA), which will oversee the relief efforts in Borno, which is the epicenter of Boko Haram’s insurgency.

The agency is slated to take over responsibility for building the border fence, as well as “coordinating the relief and reconstruction of communities affected by Boko Haram,” according the announcement, which was made on Wednesday.