What is the US doing about Pakistan?

By: Anurag Sharma | Vice News | July 10, 2017 10:58amThis is the story of a nation that is not quite ready to talk about its political and military problems.

Pakistan, the largest country on the planet, is a country with a long history of instability and conflict.

There are many reasons for this, but one of the most serious concerns is the presence of foreign troops and weapons in Pakistan.

There is no question that the military is a critical component of the Pakistani state.

The military is considered to be the most effective actor in the country and is the only institution that has been able to stop the emergence of a military-led state.

Since its inception, Pakistan has been under the watchful eyes of the United States.

As a result, the US has always maintained a presence in the Indian Ocean region and has also provided support to the Pakistani military.

The two countries have maintained diplomatic relations and cooperation, with the main focus on counter-terrorism and the fight against terrorism.

But despite the continued presence of the US in the region, there is a worrying trend.

Pakistan has also been involved in the fight in Afghanistan, where the US and Pakistan are at odds over the conduct of the war against Taliban.

The US has provided over $1.7 billion in arms to Pakistan in the last five years, including over $7.5 billion worth of Apache gunships, tanks and other military equipment.

It is the biggest arms deal in the history of the world.

However, this deal was only for a few months, and Pakistan has already had to repay the debt.

The country has also received $1 billion worth in economic assistance in 2016.

While the government has announced that the country is spending $20 billion to help its citizens and infrastructure, the reality is that there is still no money.

The Pakistani government has already spent $2 billion on building a highway in Sindh province and $10 billion on infrastructure projects in the rest of the country.

There is no doubt that the US continues to support the Pakistan army, but what is the reason behind this?

Pakistan has had a tense relationship with the US since the establishment of the Pakistan Army in 1947.

Pakistan’s relationship with Washington has always been fraught and has always had a very different complexion to the relationship with India.

The US has been Pakistan’s largest patron in recent decades.

In the 1970s, it was the United Kingdom and then the US that provided military assistance to Pakistan.

Since the US ended its military presence in Afghanistan in 2001, Pakistan was left with little choice but to accept the US as its protector.

Since the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2011, the Pakistani army has been facing a massive security crisis.

The Pakistan military, which was created to fight India in the 1971 war, has been weakened by a lack of resources and is now facing a very challenging situation.

The army has struggled to maintain the status quo and has not been able take on the insurgency that the Taliban is waging in Afghanistan.

There have been several incidents in which Pakistani soldiers have been killed and hundreds of soldiers have lost their lives.

There are several reasons behind the Pakistan military’s inability to take on this insurgency.

One is the lack of money and manpower.

Pakistan is not the biggest economy in the world, and the country has not benefited from US largesse in the past.

The government has been struggling to pay its soldiers and contractors, and it is expected that the government will need to borrow more money in order to pay the salaries of the soldiers and their contractors.

Another reason behind the lack is the way the US conducts its relationship with Pakistan.

The relationship between the two countries has been tense for many years, but the recent US withdrawal has only made things worse.

Pakistan, which has not suffered from US aggression since 1971, has now become a target of US aggression.

The latest round of attacks by the US on the country have also caused a lot of damage to Pakistan’s economy.

The loss of US support, along with the increasing tension between the US military and Pakistan, has caused the country to face a very difficult situation.

As the US is still actively supporting the Pakistani armed forces, Pakistan is also having a difficult time paying its soldiers.

According to a recent report, the average salary for an army soldier in Pakistan is only $50,000.

This is a huge amount of money for a country that is still struggling to rebuild after a devastating war.

The issue is even worse in the north of the Sindh Province.

In Punjab Province, where many of the provinces border, the salaries are much higher, and soldiers are being paid a higher amount.

According a recent survey, over 50% of the population in Punjab do not have a job, and there is an urgent need for money to support their families.

While the situation in Pakistan has gotten worse, the country does not seem to have gotten better.

The economy has also not been getting better, with unemployment reaching 30% in Sindhi Province.

This has led to massive unemployment