What the latest on Google’s stock price and the stock market: More Google stock news

Google’s shares have soared over the past 24 hours, as investors have begun to weigh in on whether the company’s stock could be headed toward a new record high.

The stock is trading at a new all-time high of $104.71 per share.

However, investors are also beginning to look at whether Google’s future is brighter than they think, and the company is expected to unveil a big update this week.

Google’s stock was trading up 1.2% at $104 per share when it announced a new search engine, Google News, that it plans to launch later this month.

The search engine is the brainchild of former Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Investors are also looking at Google’s search results, which have been in the spotlight for the past month due to a major privacy lawsuit.

The Google search results have become a lightning rod for criticism.

Google recently admitted to “inadvertently” allowing users to search for and post information about people with a history of sexual abuse and violent crimes, according to a report in The New York Times.

Google has also been accused of allowing a search engine that links to content from the National Rifle Association and other groups that espouse violence and hate speech to show up in search results.

Shares of Google have also been on a tear over the last few days, thanks to the recent release of the new version of the Google Maps app.

Google’s Maps app has been updated with new features that users can enjoy.

The new version allows users to easily navigate around the globe in search of restaurants and stores, as well as directions to local shopping and public transit.

While the company has not yet officially confirmed a launch date for the Google News app, it’s widely expected to launch sometime this week, according a report from Bloomberg.

The app is expected in early October.

There is also the possibility that Google could unveil a new version for Android, the company previously said.

Google said it plans on launching a version for Google Android phones, as it has for iOS and Android devices.

The news comes as Google continues to struggle to regain its footing in the search market, after Google+ was taken over by Snapchat last year.