Why a new German newspaper is taking the US for a ride

German newspapers are taking a page from the US’s playbook.

The national daily, Der Spiegel, has been publishing a series of stories that highlight the US-Germany relationship.

Its latest issue, published in German, looks at the US’ involvement in the creation of the Berlin Wall, the US invasion of Iraq and the Iraq war. 

The German newspaper says the US is “in the process of turning Berlin into a national monument”.

Der Spiegel also reports that the US has spent $1.8bn (£1.2bn) on Berlin, a figure the US Treasury Department has disputed.

Der Spiegel says that the “US has spent more than $1tn on the Berlin wall” since 2002. 

It is a similar story when it comes to Iraq. 

According to the US, Iraq was created as a result of a US invasion in 2003. 

In a recent speech, President Barack Obama called the invasion of the country a “tragic mistake”, adding that the Iraqis are “living under a dictatorship now”. 

“Iraq was a success story for the United States, which, after all, wanted to overthrow Saddam Hussein,” Der Spiegel said in its article. 

“But the US was also, at the time, building a security apparatus to help it defeat the Islamic State [IS] group, a jihadist group that the Bush administration was clearly convinced would soon conquer Iraq.” 

The article says the Pentagon has spent an estimated $6.6bn to train and equip the Iraqi army and police since 2003.

Der, which was founded in 2006, has seen its sales climb from $10m to $80m in the last five years, despite its high prices. 

This is not the first time Der Spiegel has been taken to task for its reporting. 

After the publication of the infamous ‘Hitler in Berlin’ piece, the German newspaper ran a scathing piece titled “Is Germany an island?”. 

The newspaper’s then editor-in-chief, Jens Meyer, said in the article: “We were not alone in this.

The United States and its allies, who had invaded Germany at the beginning of the 20th century, were equally ruthless. 

As an example, we showed how in the wake of the defeat of Hitler, the United Nations, with the backing of the British and French governments, began to create a US-led security system in Germany. 

When we started our report, the editors were shocked by what they had been taught.” 

In recent months, Der is being criticised by the German government. 

On Tuesday, the country’s cabinet agreed to a draft bill that would allow the publication and sale of books, films, magazines and even video games that criticise the US.

The bill was passed unanimously in parliament on Tuesday, although the ruling Social Democrats are expected to oppose it. 

Der Spiegel says it will continue to publish in Germany, but it is now targeting the US rather than Iraq.