Why a woman from Florida was fired for calling out racist comments

A woman in Florida was terminated after she wrote an angry online post that accused the city of not being “racist enough”.

The woman, who does not want to be identified, has been fired from her job as a receptionist in a Memphis restaurant, the Memphis newspaper reported.

In a Facebook post on Monday, the woman, whose identity has not been released, said that she was “very disappointed” with the city’s handling of the issue.

“We have a black woman in the back of our restaurant right now who has had her job terminated because she doesn’t agree with what is happening in Memphis,” she wrote.

“I’m tired of having to do it on a daily basis.”

The Memphis paper reported that the woman wrote on Facebook that she wanted to “put our community front and centre and put a stop to these racist and hateful actions that the city is so quick to take on”.

She also claimed that the staff at the restaurant were “not treating us with respect and are being rude, aggressive and disrespectful towards us”.

The comments sparked a backlash against the city, with one person calling for her to be fired and another threatening to take her job away.

“If this woman continues to be an asshole and not treat us with dignity, then I will find my own way to leave,” the woman said.

“As an American citizen, I can no longer continue to work here.”

The woman said that her husband had called her to inform her that his sister was being evicted because she was a minority.

The woman was also upset by the fact that she had to leave a restaurant because she had a disability, the paper reported.

“They have no business saying they are going to take away my job,” the employee wrote.

However, the city later defended its actions, saying that the restaurant’s management had not made the comments.

“It is our responsibility to ensure that the safety and security of our patrons and employees is maintained,” the city said in a statement.

“These are critical actions to take, but it was the management of the restaurant that made the inappropriate comment, and we did nothing to prevent it.”

A spokeswoman for the Memphis Police Department said in an email that the department “cannot comment on individual officers”.

The spokesperson added: “While there is no indication of an imminent threat to the safety of the public, it is always our responsibility as a city to maintain a safe environment and to take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety, security and welfare of our community.”

Memphis is one of the most racially diverse cities in the US, with the majority of its residents being white.

A recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center found that the number of hate crimes in the city had increased since 2010, with white supremacist groups targeting minority communities.

The newspaper reported that two employees at the Memphis restaurant had been interviewed by police and said that they had been told they would be terminated.