How Kenya’s Media Busted by Kenyans’ Corruption

Kenya’s media have been battered by the country’s endemic corruption, as the country faces its second election after decades of independence.

The government is investigating five newspapers for publishing false news and misleading coverage.

The Times of Kenya and Al Jazeera have been investigated for allegedly paying for advertising by a company they owned and ran.

The Times of Kenyatta has also been fined by the court for a similar offense.

A former editor of the Sunday Express newspaper in Kigali was charged with corruption after being caught paying for ads for a local TV station.

The Associated Press, Reuters, and other news organizations also received calls for help from Kenyan government officials after they reported stories about corruption. 

The AP was also among those who sued a group of businessmen who owned a company called Sankhe Media.

They were able to prove that they had been paid millions by a Nigerian businessman who used their company as an investment vehicle for the purchase of their stake in Sankhel Media.

The AP’s report sparked a public outcry that led the government to launch a probe into Sankha Media. 

A senior government official told the Associated Press that the government is looking into several news outlets for publishing misleading reports.

The official said the investigations into news outlets include corruption, mismanagement, and bribery.