How to avoid a fake online advertising campaign

By Joe RitchiePublished October 01, 2018 08:19:50An online ad for the Colorado Avalanche has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter.

The ad features a man wearing a red sweater and a green sweater and is in the form of a news story about the team’s new arena.

The article has a headline about the Avalanche and its plans to open in 2019.

The man wearing the sweater has a large banner on the side of his head that says, “The Avalanche.”

The banner appears to be fake.

The banner’s design, while simple, doesn’t look like it has been created by the Avalanche.

The banner has been shared more than 300,000 times on Facebook, and more than 6,000 tweets on Twitter.

On Monday, the Avalanche issued a statement about the ad.

It read, “Avalanche Nation is a small, passionate community and we will continue to fight to make the game a great experience for all fans.

Our fans deserve a banner that speaks their language and makes them feel connected to the team and its fans.”

On Wednesday, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the ad violates the First Amendment rights of people who have purchased the ad on the site.

The ad is now banned on the website.