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N.Y. Daily News’ Pulitzer Prize bid could boost NY’s reputation as ‘national paper of record’

New York’s most prominent newspapers and television stations could become national newspaper of record, a potential boost to the city’s reputation.

In a statement, the New York Post said its Pulitzer Prize, which has been awarded annually since 1968, was awarded to the “new national daily newspaper of the New Yorker.”

The newspaper said it hoped to expand its reach and reach into other markets as well as “to be an authoritative voice on the issues of the day.”

It noted that its Pulitzer prize would go toward “the continued expansion of the newsroom.”

The Pulitzer is given to the best nonfiction article published in the New Republic or the New America Media Group, two publications owned by the New Jersey-based publisher that have received the award in the past.

The Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal and other outlets have also won the award, but not in consecutive years.

The last award was in 1996.