The Latest: The Latest on a new wave of lawsuits against President Donald Trump

President Donald J. Trump, seeking to block a federal appeals court from ruling on his revised travel ban, has filed a new lawsuit challenging the ruling.

In a complaint filed in federal court in Virginia, Mr. Trump said the ruling was “the culmination of a long campaign of political, personal and financial attacks against the president and the administration” and sought a temporary restraining order preventing it from being implemented.

The court has scheduled a hearing for Dec. 14 to determine whether Mr. White’s request for a stay is denied.

“The administration’s latest attack on the president is a new low in the campaign of the new normal,” Mr. Manafort said in a statement, adding that Mr. Obama had used executive orders to limit presidential power.

Mr. Trump’s lawsuit argues that Mr:Bannon, who is married to his third wife, Heather, and was appointed national security adviser by the president, acted with the “prerogative and premeditated intent” to “inflict great bodily harm” on Mr. Trumps family, friends and political rivals.

It says Mr. Bannon and other senior administration officials have been using the travel ban as a means to “impose political vengeance against the President and his administration” for not removing a travel ban from the books after the November election.

Mr Trump has maintained that he was elected to protect the country from terrorism, and has repeatedly said the travel restrictions were needed to stop what he said was “foreign entanglements” within the U.S.