What is it like to be a woman in the tech industry?

A woman in tech is now one step closer to being a full-time worker, with the hiring of a new CEO.

The hiring of Mary Meeker was announced in a post on Medium today.

In it, Meeker says she’s been “surprised and honored” by the response to her hiring and the interest she’s seen in the company.

“I have had a lot of amazing feedback on the new CEO post,” she writes.

“This has been a challenging decision to make but the new leader is one of the best and most committed leaders I’ve ever worked with.”

Meeker, who started her career as a freelance software engineer, is the third female CEO in the last six years.

In 2015, Facebook acquired news site The Verge and has hired five women since then.

She’s also the first woman to lead an entire tech company.

Meeker’s post says that while she doesn’t have the full-blown tech power that comes with the position, she does have the experience to lead a company that is still growing.

Meekers new role is an expansion of the team that’s been in place for about a year.

Previously, the company was known for making things, such as a “laptop-sized office,” according to TechCrunch.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Meeker said she has been thinking about what that means for the company’s future and that she plans to focus on creating more opportunities for women in tech.

The company’s new CEO has also taken a look at a variety of topics.

Meerkers biggest challenge has been making the company run.

“A big challenge for me as CEO is figuring out how to manage the team while maintaining a high level of transparency, accountability and communication,” she wrote.

“The team is very diverse and the work we do has to be relevant to our community.”

Meekner also said she hopes to bring in people who have experience running other tech companies and will focus on “building our teams and our culture.”

Meeks job includes managing a team of more than 100 employees who work on the company products, products, and services.

She also oversees the business development and marketing of the company, as well as the hiring and firing of employees.