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Why did he not win the Olympics?

The best thing to do is to look at the positives.

If you look at all the positives, you can say, ‘Look, I had a good season in the Olympics’.

But that’s not what happened.

And that’s a big difference in the way he was perceived.

He was criticised for playing in the second half of the tournament and for the way his team lost.

When the World Cup rolled around, he was the only one who came through.

So there’s a real issue with the perception of how he was viewed.

That was not the case in the first year, when we were struggling to get through the group stages.

If I could just say one thing about the whole situation, it was that we were all on the same page.

We all saw the big picture and knew that we needed to get back to the top and that we had a big challenge ahead of us.

We were the first team to beat England at the World Cups.

We had the experience, and we knew how important we were.

I think the biggest thing was that the media did not give a second thought to that.

The only time they really gave a second or third thought to the fact that we have the world’s best footballers in front of us, they were looking at England.

I thought they were completely focused on that.

If they were going to focus on us, why wouldn’t they have been focusing on the world record, the World Series?

I would have been the one saying, ‘Wow, we’re in the World Championships.

We’ve got a chance here.’

But that didn’t happen.

It’s one of the biggest problems.

The World Cup was an opportunity for us to show that we can compete with the best.

That’s the reason why I said that we are in a very good position, even though we lost in the last six matches.

That shows that we’re all ready.

I don’t think it was a lack of effort from the media, I think it came from the fact we were just so focused on the World Championship.

But that was the main thing.

We didn’t have that same level of focus.

We need to show our best, which is why we have a great group of players.

It shows the support we’ve had from our fans, who have supported us every step of the way.

There was no doubt that the team’s performance on the field has gone up since the World Games.

The performances from our forwards, from the backs, were incredible.

When we played Germany, there were more shots than we had before.

So when we went out there and beat them, it meant that we got a result that we couldn’t have had before in a World Cup.

That is what we’re about.

It has been a great experience for us and we’ll keep doing that.

I hope that the fans feel that they are getting the best out of us every day.

The best is coming, so let’s keep pushing.

We can’t afford to let that slip.