Indonesia’s first female president ‘totally unaware’ of her husband’s abuse

Indonesia’s new female president, Joko Widodo, has not been informed of the alleged abuse by her husband, Widodo has said.

Widodo made the comments as he unveiled a new government led by her at a ceremony marking the opening of parliament in the capital Jakarta.

“The new government is entirely unaware of the allegations of abuse by Mr Widodo’s wife,” Widodo said.

“The president and the prime minister have not been notified of the accusations, so we have to be cautious.”

The accusations against Widodo came as the Indonesian Supreme Court on Monday annulled a marriage of his former wife, an election winner, to another man.

The court said Widodo “has no reason to believe” that the man, whose name has not yet been released, is innocent.

The two have a daughter.

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Joko Widodoes alleged abuse is the latest chapter in a decades-long battle to reform Indonesia’s notoriously corrupt political system, which has left Widodo the countrys only woman president.

In March, Widodos’ lawyers launched a court case against her, saying she had fabricated her husbands alleged abuse to get an increase in her political career.

But the court rejected the case, saying it had not been proved the allegations were true.

The case has been on Widodos case since 2010.

In her book, The Power of Now, Widoes claims that her husband sexually abused her and threatened to kill her if she didn’t give him oral sex.

She wrote that the abuse began when she was 10 years old and lasted until she was 17.

In a 2014 interview with AFP, Widones husband, former Prime Minister Joko “Jokowi” Widodo denied the allegations.

“It’s not true.

He has never raped me,” Widododo said of his wife.

He said the abuse started after Widodo married his cousin, and that Widodo had always denied the accusations.

Widodoes husband has denied the claims.

“He is a man who is very fond of his family, and he’s always looked after his wife,” he said.

Jokobidos wife, meanwhile, denied the claim.

“My husband was always good to me and I always liked him,” she said in a televised interview on Tuesday.

Indonesian media reports have suggested Widodo is currently undergoing counselling after a suicide attempt.

The Indonesian president has vowed to reform the country’s notoriously corrupted political system.

His conservative administration has vowed sweeping reforms, including reducing the number of seats in parliament, easing restrictions on civil servants, and opening up the economy.

Jokodo’s presidency has been plagued by corruption allegations, as the country is embroiled in a corruption scandal involving several politicians.