When MTV News interviewed David Byrne about his time at Nirvana, here’s how he explained why he didn’t give up on music (via MTV News)

On the subject of Nirvana, the Foo Fighters frontman was asked about his relationship with his late friend and longtime collaborator Dave Grohl.

“I always thought of Dave as the father figure for me, because he was a very gentle man,” Byrne told MTV News in a 2015 interview.

“And I thought, I have to take care of him, and he was always very supportive of me.

I’m very fortunate to have a friend like that.

I always thought he was the best dad I could have ever had.

And it’s just a miracle that I’ve had the opportunity to be with him, because it’s a miracle to have that type of relationship.”

In 2014, Byrne returned to the band after nearly 15 years away and released a single titled “You’re the One” featuring the Foo Fighter’s Keith Richards.

While the song did not make it into the Foo’s follow-up album, The White Album, the band has always maintained a strong connection with their former member.

“He was my hero,” Byrne said in a 2013 interview with Rolling Stone.

“The music that I grew up listening to, I loved Dave’s songs, but he also wrote some of my best songs.”

While he had been in contact with the Foo for many years, the pair’s friendship never really grew beyond that, with Byrne telling MTV News that he and Grohl would often play video games together.

“It’s a pretty cool relationship,” Byrne explained.

“We play video game together, and we talk to each other a lot, and it’s very fun.”

He continued, “I’m really lucky to have someone like Dave who was such a good father to me.

And when I look back, I just think, I never had a chance to be in a relationship like that with somebody who was as good as him.

I was always the son.

I didn’t have the chance.”

Byrne went on to explain that Grohl’s influence on him and his musical career is something he’s been thankful for.

“When I look at the things that I learned from Dave, and the things I’ve learned from him, I think it’s pretty cool to be a part of that,” Byrne continued.

“To be able to be around him, to be able go to shows and meet him, it’s always been like this really special place.

You know, that was a big part of me growing up.

It was always a big thing for me.

It’s always going to be there.”

As for his friendship with Richards, Byrne told the magazine that he is still in touch with the musician.

“My friendship with Dave was really good.

I had a good relationship with him.

He was really nice to me, but there’s also a good friendship there.

And then of course, we’ve been good friends for years.

But that’s not a thing that’s ever changed,” he continued.