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How to read and watch news online

Online news is often a very fragmented medium.

But when it comes to news about the UAE, it’s a different story.

Many newspapers and broadcasters are based in the country and offer access to a wide variety of stories.

We’ve compiled a list of the best online news sources for UAE residents and visitors.

Al Jazeera: The UAE news online, but you can’t follow the stories online?

The UAE is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

Most of the country’s population is concentrated in the capital Abu Dhabi.

It’s one of only two countries in which almost half the population lives in one city or suburb.

The UAE has over 4.5 million people.

But this city-state’s residents also face challenges, especially with regards to the growing number of mobile phones and the increasing use of social media.

Al-Jazeera: The Emirati government is increasingly pushing to expand its media and entertainment sector.

Do you agree?

I do agree that we need to develop the internet and improve our communication and online capabilities, and I think this is a great opportunity for the Emiratis, the UAE and our citizens.

I also think it’s very important that the UAE government can focus on its social media and online content.

Al Jazeera: How do you watch online news in Abu Dhabi?

We have a very vibrant online news site called Al Jazeera Online, and you can find it at the official Al Jazeera website.

The site is very popular among Emirati people, but it’s also accessible to other people in the UAE.

You can follow news from UAE news and entertainment sources.

Al Arabiya: UAE news in English, Arabic and Telugu.

Al Alamal: UAE News in English and Arabic.

Al Masdar: Al Jazeera Arabic in English.

Al Zaman: Al Arabia English in Arabic.

The Daily Star: Al Alamel English in English Arabic.

Free Arabic: Al Masdah English in Spanish.

Al Rasheed: Al Zama English in Urdu.

Al Hamza: Al Rasheeda English in Punjabi.

Al Quds: Al Hamzah English.

Al Jazeera English: Al Jazira English in French.

Al Amal: Al Zamalka English in Somali.

Al Nabiha: Al Nasr English in Tamil.

Al Manar: Al Amer English in Lebanese.

Al Maan: Al Qassem English in Syrian Arabic.

Al Masdar English: The Daily Mail English in German.

Al Awda English: al Masdar Arabic in Hebrew.

Al Shorouk English: Arabic daily news in the Palestinian territories.

Al Alamal English: English in Chinese.

Al Nasar English: Spanish daily news.

Al Alaman English: Turkish daily news, and Arabic news in Turkey.

Al Hamza English: Daily News in Turkish.

Al Quds English: British Arabic news.

Al Amal English (ISNA): English in Hebrew, Arabic, Arabic-language and Urdu, and English in Hindi, Gujarati and Nepali.

Al Mazra English: Russian language daily news and daily satire.

Al Araby English: Italian daily news; daily news about Arabic, Chinese, French, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Al Aswan English: Kurdish daily news of Turkish, Greek, Arabic language, Greek language, Turkish language, Armenian and Greek language.

Al Jaafari English: French daily news with news and cartoons, and daily news on Syria, Iran and Palestine.

Al Jazirah English: Israeli English daily news from Israeli media.

Al Nasr Arabic: Arabic news and commentary.

Al Shaar English (Al Jazeera): Arabic news on the Middle East.

Al Majdalah English (BBC): English news and current affairs programme.

Al Aan English (SBS): English daily entertainment.

Al Aswan Arabic: Arab daily news broadcast from the UAE city of Ras al-Ayn.

Al Mawlana English: Free English-language news on Saudi Arabia.

Al Jamali English: Persian daily news coverage of Iran and its Gulf neighbours.

Al Zamalki English: Pakistani daily news source.

Al Jaafar English Arabic (KGB): English-Arabic news in Pakistan.

Al Jamali Arabic (ISI): Arabic-Arabia news in Iran and the Middle-East.

Al Jawad English (Guardian): English English-English news source, including news and analysis from the UK and the US.

Al Mamallaf English (The National): English newspaper and online publication of Egypt and Bahrain.

Al Awda Arabic (FNA): Arabic daily Arabic news source from Bahrain.

Al Hameed English (Independent): English local news source in Egypt.

Al Maarif English (Rai): English regional news source based in Egypt and Tunisia.

Al Tamimi English (RT): English satellite television news channel, including English language news. 

Al Majdal Arabic (BBC) English- Arabic news