What are the ‘real problems’ in South Korea?

A South Korean newspaper, which has become the subject of widespread criticism for its coverage of the North Korean nuclear issue, has published a commentary on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his “new era” that has generated controversy among the nation’s elites.

The paper, the Korea Herald, published an editorial titled “We Must Remember Kim Jong Un” on Sunday, saying that North Korea “is not the only enemy,” adding that its leader “isn’t the only threat.”

The newspaper has published more than 100 editorial pieces in recent months, but its editorial has received wide condemnation for portraying Kim as a leader who is obsessed with military expansion and has become a “monster” for the world.

It has also been accused of attempting to paint Kim as an “evil tyrant” for his recent missile tests.

Kim, who took power in late 2011, has been a thorn in the side of the US since he took power.

The country’s leadership has been divided on whether to fully recognize the authority of Kim’s son, Kim Jong Nam, who is North Korea’s leader, or to continue to follow a policy of “strategic patience” toward Kim, which it sees as “the only realistic solution” to the North’s nuclear crisis.

The government has repeatedly said it is not prepared to abandon its policy of strategic patience.

But the tensions between Kim and Washington have been increasing in recent weeks, and Kim has called for talks with the United States to resolve the North Korea nuclear issue.

Korean newspapers have been widely criticized for their coverage of North Korea, particularly in the wake of Kim Jong Il’s death in December 2012, which sparked a massive outpouring of grief for the dictator.

Many South Koreans, including prominent journalists and academics, have criticized the newspaper for portraying the North as a “pariah” and a “rebel state” that is seeking to develop nuclear weapons.

The South Korean media, which often portrays the North with a similar narrative to that of North Korean state media, has repeatedly been accused by human rights groups of violating human rights.

The editorial on Sunday was written by the newspaper’s editorial board, which is made up of editors and staff, and was edited by Lee Jin-hyuk, a reporter for the newspaper.

The Herald said that Kim’s actions were “not the only reason” for North Korea to “continue its aggressive pursuit of nuclear weapons,” adding, “North Korea has the same motive to develop the nuclear bomb, to be able to destroy the US mainland in a nuclear war.”

The editorial comes as the United Nations Security Council is set to debate a resolution calling on North Korea not to launch missiles into the sea.

The draft resolution would require North Korea and other countries to stop launching missiles and nuclear weapons at each other.

It is expected that the council will vote on the draft resolution later on Monday.

Last year, South Korea imposed sanctions on North Koreans with ties to Kim and his family after it said it was concerned by North Korean leaders’ growing “obsession with nuclear weapons.”