When is it safe to drink alcohol?

In a bid to address concerns over the spread of tuberculosis in villages, the government on Wednesday introduced new legislation to prevent the spread and the spread in villages of the deadly disease.

The Government of India (GOI) has also asked its agencies to submit plans for making alcohol safe in villages.

The government had earlier introduced a new bill to make alcohol safe for use in public places, which was rejected by the opposition Congress.

However, the opposition, led by Congress president Sonia Gandhi, had opposed the move to make liquor safe for consumption in public spaces.

“This is a shameful decision.

We have asked the government to make safe drinking water available in villages for the first time,” said Gandhi, adding that the bill is likely to be voted on on December 17.”

The proposal to make drinking water in the villages safe for drinking is a step in the right direction, but the government must ensure the safety of all Indians,” she said.

The GOI had proposed making drinking water safe for the purpose of drinking, but in order to achieve that, the bill had to be approved by Parliament.